How to ROCK comfy!

We all have those days when we’re too tired to even think about what to wear, nonetheless dress up.  With that in mind, does dressing comfortable mean we have to look frumpy?  I certainly don’t think so!  If you’re interested in getting some ideas of how to make casual look cute, read on.  With these examples and style tips you can look effortlessly cute, comfortable and stylish.

First off, when shopping for comfortable clothes always consider the fabric.  I tend to like cotton, linen, silk, and rayon.  The reason is the material feels soft against my skin, and it breathes.  I tend to stay away from synthetics such as polyester.   Even though the market seems to be saturated with it, it feels less natural.  Don’t get me wrong, I do own some polyester pieces which are easier to maintain, but overall it really depends on the style and pattern so I’m just a bit more selective if I chose to buy it.  All fabrics have their positives and negatives.  Comfort, feel, price and durability are all factors, but in the end everyone has to decide based on their own needs, look they are trying to achieve, and budget.

Secondly there is definitely some clothing I avoid, even on my laziest days.  Those are sweats (both tops and bottoms) for obvious reasons.  I try not to wear sweats unless I’m working out.  The one exception for me is when I’m traveling.  I really love really cute, colorful, dressy sweat suits by BCBG, Victoria Secret, and Cache paired with casual sneakers.  I find these to be comfy, fun and cute.
Below are two examples of outfits you can wear to rock comfy:

Outfit #1
Solid or print maxi dress paired with a sleeveless or long sleeve jean jacket.
I love maxi dresses, and to me you can never have too many!  Every since these bad boys hit the fashion scene a few years ago they’ve become extremely popular.  My guess is because they flatter any figure.  I have a nickname for my maxi dresses.  I refer to them as my “All you can eat dresses”.  Seriously!  When I want to be comfortable, I don’t like tight fitting clothes.  Most women will understand when I say “I don’t have to worry about how big my stomach is when I wear these.”  Most of the time I wear my maxi dresses with flat sandals, but I also adore them with wedges.
In my opinion, jean jackets make these dresses cuter.  Just remember, being comfy doesn’t mean being boring, so don’t forget to add your nice big bold accessories to top it off!
Outfit #2
Cropped boyfriend jeans paired with fitted shirts, t-shirts, vests, or blazers.
In my opinion boyfriend jeans are the most comfortable type of pants besides leggings.  They make me feel relaxed, but still feminine and cute.  It is important not to buy them too large or baggy or they could look sloppy.  Just remember, if you wear something baggy, always pair it with something that is fitting.  I think boyfriend jeans look great with flats, heels or booties.  If wearing them with booties, cuff them right above the bootie, and once again don’t forget your big bold accessories.
Let’s face it, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can master the comfy-chic look, so have fun with it, and most of all continue to look chic and FABULOUS on a lazy day!