Styling jeans with a blazer for Fall 2013

Styling jeans with a blazer for Fall 2013

Happy Fall Dolls!

Fall is here and since I’ve been in a casual mood lately, I wanted to show a classic take on wearing jeans with a blazer.  This is one of my favorite relaxed looks for autumnStart with a warm brown blazer, and pair it with dark washed wide legged jeans.

I shopped my closet and found a blazer I had for several years.  For this look, I decided to wear with my brown open toe patent leather Michael Kors ankle booties.  I love how you can’t tell if these are boots or shoes.

This look can be worn in an office on dress down day.  It’s also fabulous for shopping or movies.  I plan on touching on this topic once again during the fall.  I hope you are enjoying all this fall fashion talk as much as me!

Happy Shopping!

And Stay Gorgeous as ALWAYS!

The Ultimate Fashionista