Spend with savvy!

Spend with savvy!

Be Excited about your clothes!

If you don’t want to break the bank but want to look great, keep reading to learn how to spend with savvy!  Now more than ever all of us want to look our best, but not spend a fortunate on clothes.  People often ask me where I shop.  They’re surprised when I tell them that I shop every where.  That’s because I enjoy wearing lesser-known brands and throwing in designer pieces to create an eclectic look.  I also love mixing current and past fashion trends, as well as mixing high-end clothing with low-end ideas.  I’m a firm believer it’s not where you shop, but how you put things together.

Most people think the main item of an outfit should be the big-ticket item, but it’s not always the case.  The skeleton of an outfit, such as handbag, shoes, and jacket should generally be what you spend the most on, but sometimes it depends on the circumstances.  This is where a good stylist and personal shopper can help.  One rule of thumb is to always invest in clothing and accessories that not only excite you, but will last long.  Wearing the latest trends is perfectly fine, but my rule of thumb is to throw in a few of those pieces opposed to making them my entire wardrobe.

Here’s an example of how I pulled together an eclectic look from shopping everywhere.

Dress:  Ross
Linen Jacket:  Elie Tahari (Found at a thrift store)
Shoes:  Michael Kors (From my closet)


Bag:  Cromia http://www.cromiabags.com/
Earrings:  Kate Spade (T.J.Maxx)
Until next time…. Smooches!

The Ultimate Fashionista

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