A person who leads the way in fashion or ideas.


Have you asked yourself lately whether you’re a trendsetter or trend follower?  While everyone can’t lead fashion trends, there are some people who routinely fall into wearing the latest and greatest, never giving a thought to their individual personal style!

The idea behind this blog post is challenge you to dig deep within and give more thought as to what your personal style is.  As a stylist, it’s daunting to see a trend hit the fashion industry, and afterwards suddenly see everyone look the same.  Don’t get me wrong, trends are great, but one my also take into account what appeals to their specific body type.d37a8832


Always remember, your unique style sets you apart, identifies you, and defines who you are!  If you’re unclear as to what your personal style is or need help defining your personal style, I’d be happy to assist.

Photography by:  Sharon Bui

What I Am Wearing:

//Hat// Vintage

//Top// Vintage

//High Rise Liquid Leggings// Charlotte Russe

//Crossbody// (Otto) JustFab

//Booties// (Elletta) JustFab



The Ultimate Fashionista

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