The Golden Age

The Golden Age

Hello my Loves,

It seems like it’s been such a long time since my last blog post.  Let me reassure you’re not forgotten because each and every one of you mean so much to me.  I appreciate all the love and support you always show me, and will never take that for granted.  As you know, I typically talk about fashion, and love that, but today I’m getting personal because several things have happened in my life that I’m over the moon about!

Well, first and foremost is I’ve reached “The Golden Age”, and I’m ecstatic about it!  Why?  Simply because not everyone gets the privilege to age.  When I think about how fortunate I am to be alive, and the joys, knowledge, lessons, trials, heartaches, celebrations and memories, I’ve experienced, it’s overwhelming and quite humbling.  So as I reflect on the past 49 years, I’d like to share with you the things I’m most thankful for.

God. I simply don’t know what I’d do without Him, PERIOD!  I’m extremely thankful I was raised in a Christian home where I witnessed my parents serve God from the time I was born.  As a little girl, I recall thinking we were going to church out of routine until I realized it was about developing a personal relationship with Him.  As I got older I learned to trust Him in all that I did, and now I can’t imagine my life without Him.  Today I’m beyond excited about my personal relationship with God.  Just to know I’m not perfect and will always make mistakes, but He accepts me just as I am, is far more than I could ever ask for.

Family. I’m extremely grateful for my family and how loving and supportive they’ve always been, even though I know I probably get on their nerves at times :).  No family is perfect, but I honestly couldn’t have been blessed with a better family who are always right by my side in what ever I choose to do.  I love all of my family beyond a shadow of a doubt, and my son is my greatest joy!

Health. I’m extremely thankful to be both mentally and physically healthy which doesn’t allow for any restrictions is my life.  I’m very fortunate and grateful about this.

Friends. I’m extremely thankful for my old and new friends.  I love being open-minded about making new friends because I believe everyone I meet has a place and purpose in my life, even if they aren’t intended to stay there.

Work. I’m extremely thankful for my long-term career in technology, and how I’m a team member at company that is changing the world for the better.  It feels good to be on the leading edge knowing and contributing to important things that will impact future generations.  I’m also extremely thankful to be able to fulfill my passion and purpose of helping people and businesses through my fashion blogging and fashion styling business.  I never imagined I’d be able to do two things I absolutely love, but God has made it possible.

In summary, I’m truly blessed to have another year of life to enjoy and I’ll always cherish and view this as a privilege!

The second thing I’m so excited about is recently being able to celebrate my birthday in Cuba.  I’m back now and will be sharing my wonderful life-changing experiences as well as gorgeous fashion in Cuba very soon, so stay tuned.  You know I had to stick fashion in here somewhere. hehe!  For now, I’m looking back on a wonderful life, and looking forward to an even better future!

Have a blessed rest of the week and thanks for stopping by.  Hugs!

Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography


What I Am Wearing:

// Sunglasses // Dolce & Gabbana

// Kaftan (Vintage) // Boot & Trunk

// Amandalyn Pumps in Gold // ShoeDazzle

// Patchwork Handbag // Tosca Blu



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  1. Angela,
    Great blog! You’re right, not everyone gets to make it to the Golden Age. Your are very talented and dedicated in everything you do. Always keep God first and you will continue to be blessed.

  2. Thank you Fabriel! I deeply appreciate your support and words of advice!

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