Mysterious Swag

Mysterious Swag

Every look has a story, and today my story isn’t adventure, fantasy, romance, or suspense.  It’s a mystery!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hat connoisseur.  A benefit of hat wearing is they create a mysterious effect for someone who knows how to wear one.  As a fashion stylist and hat lover, one of my pet peeves is not doing a hat justice.  It takes a certain amount of swag to pull off wearing a hat the right way, and if worn incorrectly they certainly can look corny.

Aside from the most important purpose of wearing a hat which is to look fabulous and mysterious, hats also serve other important purposes such as covering up a bad hair day, and providing sun protection.  Additionally hats can completely transform the look of an outfit with minimal effort, making them one of the best accessories ever invented in my opinion.

Over the years I’ve heard people say they don’t think they can pull off wearing a hat or their head is too big to wear one.  I have to disagree.  There are all types of hats in the world, and just like clothes it’s just a matter of finding the right fit and style.  I love assisting my clients with selecting the right hats to compliment their style.  Once they realize hats look great on them, the possibilities are endless.

Think of a hat like the bow on top of a present, or the icing on top of a cake.  It’s the final finishing piece which brings it all together.  When it comes to hats one bit of advice to always remember is to wear the hat, and never let it wear you!

Thanks for stopping by loves.  Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week!

Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography



What I Am Wearing:

// Raspberry Velvet Hat // (vintage)

// Pearl Earrings // U-Neak Boutique

// Ruffle Blouse // (vintage)

// Fringe Sweater // (T.J. Maxx)

// Leather Panel Leggings // (Old)

// Booties // Vicky Bootie by ShoeDazzle



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  1. Yes, yes, yes!

  2. This “Mysterious Swag” is sooo mystifying! But wirh those animal print boots to set off the outfit, it makes it just purrrfect!

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