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The Ultimate Fashionista blog was started in 2012 as creative outlet to share my personal style, outfit ideas, fashion tips, and a small piece of me with the world.  My main goal is to reach as many people as I can to help them create and refine their own personal style.

Style is my business and I love exploring all the venues in getting my message across.  I hope that my blog becomes a resource for many.  I look forward to the challenge of sharing my personal style perspectives with an interactive audience. 

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Blazin’ – Glitz and Glam Holiday Series

Hello Loves, I hope everyone has enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with family and friends!  I’m truly thankful for every little thing including the love and support I receive from you all.  Today I’m kicking off the holiday season with the first look from my Glitz and Glam Holiday Series, which will feature looks for balls, gala’s and party’s throughout the rest of the year. Ladies, when most of us think about preparing for a holiday function, the first thing we think of is wearing a dress.  I decided to switch things up a bit and show how a blazer can be styled for a holiday glam look.  I paired this vintage jacquard blazer with a long chiffon skirt, which not only balances out the outfit, but helps to create a softer chic look. This is an easy look to recreate and perfect for a holiday dinner party.  Do you think you would ever consider wearing a blazer for a holiday look?  I’d love to know your thoughts.  Have a great rest of the week! Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   Turn on your JavaScript to view content   What I Am Wearing: // Jacquard Blazer // (vintage) // Chiffon Skirt // Dana Buchman // Amandalyn Pump // ShoeDazzle // Hard Case Gold Clutch // Aliexpress   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista    ... read more

Swag Bag

Happy Saturday everyone! Have you ever owned something so long, but no matter how old it remained timeless?  This Gucci monogram tote is about 30 years old, but the style and quality hasn’t missed a beat.  After I landed my first professional job near Washington D.C. right after high school, I treated myself to it, and have kept it ever since.  I recall purchasing it from the Gucci flagship store in Tyson’s Corner, VA.  I recently completed an overhaul of my closet and found it in the dust bag so decided to brush it off and rock it with this outfit. It’s proved to be a classic piece that will never go out of style. I paired my vintage Gucci tote with a classic blazer and floral jacquard skinny pants.  Do you think this outfit is a hit or miss?  I hope this beautiful Veteran’s Day has been an amazing one you’ve enjoyed!   Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   Turn on your JavaScript to view content   What I Am Wearing: // Hat // (vintage) // Jacket // Giorgio Armani // Floral Jacquard Skinny // ShoeDazzle and JustFab // Red Patent Leather Pumps // Jessica Simpson // Tote // Gucci (vintage)     Love, The Ultimate Fashionista... read more

Recapping a Conversation with Fashion Icon André Leon Talley

A little over a week ago on Sunday, October 29th, I was in the midst of fashion royalty as I witnessed André Leon Talley being interviewed by  Audrey Smaltz at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. The event complimented the new Ebony Fashion Fair Exhibition entitled “Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair”, which covers the 50-year history charity fashion show from 1958-2009.  The traveling show featured glamour and redefined the concepts of beauty, style and empowerment of African-Americans.  Mrs. Eunice Johnson was the owner and visionary who enhanced the black community with this show, which mission raised funds for local charities.  Smaltz was the voice of show for seven years, and is also the founder of The Ground Crew backstage management corporation. The star of the conversation, Talley, who is originally from Durham, NC came back home to have the conversation which was a treat for the local fashion community.  Talley was raised by his grandmother, and began his career assisting Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute and later wrote for Interview Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily, before joining Vogue as an editor in 1983.  Early in his career, he was also fashion editor of Ebony.  During the talk, he shared fascinating and funny behind-the-scenes stories of his days as editor at Ebony.  He talked mostly about working with Mrs. Johnson traveling to Europe and New York, and how he also worked with the industry’s top fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, etc. Later in the conversation Talley told us a funny story about working... read more

Mysterious Swag

Every look has a story, and today my story isn’t adventure, fantasy, romance, or suspense.  It’s a mystery! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hat connoisseur.  A benefit of hat wearing is they create a mysterious effect for someone who knows how to wear one.  As a fashion stylist and hat lover, one of my pet peeves is not doing a hat justice.  It takes a certain amount of swag to pull off wearing a hat the right way, and if worn incorrectly they certainly can look corny. Aside from the most important purpose of wearing a hat which is to look fabulous and mysterious, hats also serve other important purposes such as covering up a bad hair day, and providing sun protection.  Additionally hats can completely transform the look of an outfit with minimal effort, making them one of the best accessories ever invented in my opinion. Over the years I’ve heard people say they don’t think they can pull off wearing a hat or their head is too big to wear one.  I have to disagree.  There are all types of hats in the world, and just like clothes it’s just a matter of finding the right fit and style.  I love assisting my clients with selecting the right hats to compliment their style.  Once they realize hats look great on them, the possibilities are endless. Think of a hat like the bow on top of a present, or the icing on top of a cake.  It’s the final finishing piece which brings it all together.  When it comes to hats one bit of advice to... read more

Vintage Peek-a-Boo

Good morning Loves, The end of the year is approaching fast, and I’ve been working extremely hard which has me feeling a bit burnt out lately.  I decided it was time to put my hair up and have some fun!  Lucky for me, the 150th N.C. State Fair is in town from October 12-22.  I hadn’t been to the fair in years, but couldn’t think of a better way to treat myself, relax, unwind, and truly have that carefree feeling of a kid again. I headed straight to my closet with thoughts of a fun outfit in mind, and decided upon this vintage peek-a-boo jumpsuit/skirt combination.  The first stop at the fair was this cute little cotton candy shop called Cousins Concessions near Gate E.  Loves, if you go to the fair please find this place!  The staff was extremely friendly, and the owner gave us a fresh squeezed lemonade for the road. The bright fun colors of my vintage outfit fit right in at the fair.  It was feminine because of the skirt, but the pants allowed me to play games, enjoy rides, and partake in activities all while looking fab.  It proved to be the perfect choice for the occasion! Photography by:  Sharon Bui   What I Am Wearing: // Peek-a-Boo Outfit // (vintage) // Gladiator Sandals // Lasennia by JustFab   Love, The Ultimate... read more

Take THAT to the Bank

Happy Friday Loves, When people say the phrase “Take That To The Bank” they mean that something is for sure.  Well, in my last photo shoot I literally took THAT to the bank, which was a bomb vintage dress that I can always count on as being timeless. This money green swing dress is perfect for any occasion and any season, making it an asset to anyone’s wardrobe.  I love high quality vintage pieces because they are treasures that last a lifetime.  In this day and age it’s hard to find quality pieces unless you opt for top end luxury designers.  I also love the uniqueness of knowing when I step into a room chances are I’m not going to see my outfit. Swing dresses like this have become a stable for me because they make me look slimmer.  I love how you can’t tell how much is under the widest portion of the dress if you know what I mean 🙂   They essentially work with most body types, and should be an absolute must for pear-shapes. As you can see, I was having too much fun with my awesome photographer during this shoot.  Have an awesome weekend! Photography by:  Sharon Bui   Turn on your JavaScript to view content   What I Am Wearing: // Hat // (vintage) Christain Dior // Money Green Swing Dress // (vintage) // Shawna Bootie // Karl Lagerfeld // Leopard Bag // (vintage)   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista... read more

Night Out Style

Hi Loves, When it’s time for some heavy metal on the catwalk, I rock my Madelina Booties by JustFab.  These fierce beauties will steal the show for a night out on the town this autumn. Metallics are definitely in and were featured at NYFW as one of the top 12 fall 2017 trends.  If you’re wondering what type of other occasions you can wear metallic shoes to, the answer is anytime.  Whether at daytime or nighttime, they will add a unique look to your outfit. Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   What I Am Wearing: // Black Crop Top // Forever21 // Velvet Side Lace Leggings // Alice & Olivia // Madelina Bootie in Silver // JustFab // Leopard Clutch // Michael Kors   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista  ... read more

ShoeDazzle Top Bootie Picks

Hello Dolls, I’m a sucker for a great pair of booties!  I couldn’t help but notice the amazing booties from ShoeDazzle lately, so I decided to publish my top picks for the past three months.  Statement booties are my favorite because they’re easy to walk in and the styles that can accommodate any outfit. Check out these amazing beauties. Vicky – Cheetah Denny  – Floral Breanne – Nude   Lacee – Snake Mackie – Wine   Which one of these are your favorite booties and why?   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista  ... read more

No Basic Sweater

Happy Monday everyone, I found the perfect statement sweater for fall!  If you’re a sucker for ruffles like me you’re going to love the details. This chunky knit, super soft sweater is designed with a classic turtle neck, relaxed body silhouette and showcases a feminine bell sleeve with tiered ruffle detailing.  Not only is it comfy, it’s the perfect mix of classy and trendy.  I paired it with a simple long necklace, cropped pants and sock booties for an effortless daytime look. So what do you think dolls?  I absolutely love it.  This is definitely going to be my go-to sweater of the season! Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   What I Am Wearing: // Funnel Neck Layered Bell Sleeve Jumper // Romwe // Cropped pants // Old (Similar here) // Anka Bootie in Bordeaux // ShoeDazzle // Handbag // Vintage   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista    ... read more