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America The Beautiful

For the past several years I’ve struggled with becoming less patriotic than ever before.  As a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve who served for 8 years, I didn’t hesitate to join the military and put my life on the line for this country.  The senseless lack of regard for black lives over the years, had me struggling with whether I would still show my support for a country with so many injustices, but the reason why I do is simple.  It’s like when you and your siblings have a disagreement with each other, and don’t see eye to eye.  As long as the fight stays among yourselves all its fine, but the moment an outsider tries to come for one of your siblings, all hell breaks loose. I feel this is similar to what’s going on in this country.  We are having a disagreement right now, but if anyone tries to come for us, we would unite.  It shouldn’t and hopefully won’t ever have to come to that for us to unite.  My prayer is for this country to get back to trying to be the melting pot it once strived for when I was a little girl. No country is perfect, and there are injustices everywhere in the world.  In this country, there’s definitely a lot wrong, but this is also a country that elected the first black president proving that the potential for greatness for every member of this society still exists.  Has the justice system let us down?  Absolutely! But the bottom line is so many have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom.  On...

ShoeDazzle Top Picks

Hello Dolls, Today I’m sharing five of my Top Picks in heels from ShoeDazzle.  I’m in love with all of them and wanted to share them in case you’re in the market for a new pair of fabulous heels.  Check out the beauties below! Can you guess which one is my favorite? 🙂 Rosslyn Mayela Seidy Kiana Myranda Love, The Ultimate...


Hello Loves, This red jumpsuit is Smokin’!  A jumpsuit should be a once piece staple in every woman’s closet because they’re easy to wear, comfortable, flattering and stylish.  One of the things I really love is the flexibility.  You can also dress them up or down depending on the occasion. When selecting a jumpsuit, keep the following tips in mind: Purchase the right length, and select the right shoes.  If the jumpsuit is too long, have it hemmed to fit the shoes you will wear the most. Make sure it defines your waist.  If you have a little extra weight in your waist, I suggest adding a belt which will emphasize it more and make you look slimmer.  You can also select a jumpsuit with a higher waistline to solve this issue. Buy the right fit and size.  If you’re fuller on top try a looser style.  If you’re fuller on the bottom, select a jumpsuit with a wide leg.  If you’re short, look for a jumpsuit with more of a narrow silhouette. Buy a solid color.  A single color elongates the body, and creates a flattering looking profile. This jumpsuit exudes confidence and undeniable glam.  The ruffle and one shoulder is so feminine and flirty creating a look that’s polished, put-together, and sophisticated.  Be prepared to stop traffic in this jumpsuit because it’s just that haute! Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   What I Am Wearing: // Boater Hat // Nordstrom – Sold out (Similar here) //Sunglasses // Wildfox Couture // One Shoulder Flounce Jumpsuit // ShoeDazzle // Straw Bag // Old   Love, The Ultimate...

Top It Off with a Bow

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing this Pink Striped Bow Off The Shoulder blouse by Romwe.  I love how feminine it is, which means you can glam it up or wear it casual as shown below.  I chose to pair it with an embroidered denim maxi skirt, but I can envision pairing it with a black pencil skirt. The top is currently on sale for $10.99, so I’m sure they won’t last long.  How else would you style it? Photography by:  GloryRoze Photography   What I Am Wearing: // Pink Striped Bow Off The Shoulder Blouse // Romwe // Embroidered Denim Maxi Skirt // The Lucky Brand // Straw Bag // (Vintage)   Love, The Ultimate...

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I remember at a very young age being mesmerized in my mother’s closet, and trying on her clothes which quickly became a hobby. As I grew older I not only enjoyed enhancing my look, but that of others, so the natural fit was to become a Fashion Stylist.

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