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I’m FALLin For You

Fall is FINALLY here and although I’ve loved summer, I couldn’t wait to embrace the fall season and all that it has to offer. One of the greatest reasons why I love fall is because I love being able to wear my boots.  What helped me really kick into the fall mood this year was my new JustFab multi-tier fringe boots.  They absolutely stole my heart! Because these boots are SO badass, I decided my outfit had to be nothing short of the same.  My styling choice was somewhat of a mixture of a masculine and feminine look, blended into a cohesive style, playing with materials, textures, colors and lines. As you can see, I paired my masculine fedora hat with a delicate blouse, added the leather skirt, and finally the fabulous burgundy fringe boots.  The key to this entire look is in the balance. Happy Fall everyone! Let’s enjoy the crisp air, pretty leaves, football, coffee, pumpkins, sweaters and definitely the boots.  And let us not forget to always be our own color, no matter what the rest of the world looks like! Photography by:  Sharon Bui What I Am Wearing: //Fedora Hat// (Vintage)  Boot & Trunk on Instagram //Silk Blouse// JillStuart Collection //Leather Skirt// (Vintage) Boot & Trunk on Instagram //Belt// (Vintage) Thrifted //Boots// (Cadellan) JustFab   Love, The Ultimate...

Her Grandmother’s Style: Timeless Fashion

While growing up, I regularly traveled to vintage and consignment shops with my grandmother, mother, and sisters.  It didn’t take long for  my sisters and I to quickly became lovers of timeless fashion.  Beyond my sisters, I had never met someone who loves vintage fashion as much, or more as we do until I was introduced to my friend Mary Liles aka Memsy, last year.  Once I met her, the connection was instant and it seems as if we had been knowing each other longer.  Everything about Mary is absolutely amazing!  Her kind heart, bad-ass style, uniqueness, being well-traveled, are just a few of the reasons why she’s freaking FABULOUS!  With that said, she’s exactly the type of friend I’m blessed to have in my corner.  Even her cat “Ruby” is freaking amazing! Mary is a vintage dealer and her baby is Boot & Trunk (Follow her on Instagram).  She often holds private and public trunk shows where you can find the most amazing vintage from her travels.  I could go on forever about my friend, but I should probably get to the real reason for this blog post.  Today is Mary’s birthday, and I’m extremely honored to share an outfit that belonged to her grandmother.  How cool is that? I sat down with Mary and she shared a little about her grandmother with me.  She did not work and was from a well off family in Charlotte, NC.  We had a wonderful time and it was great learning about her family tree and the history of this outfit.  It was easy to gather that Mary’s grandmother loved fashion, had...

Wine and Design! Day to Night Look

Have you ever had to quickly go from a day look to a night look in a flash?  Today I’m providing a few tips on how to achieve this goal in a matter of seconds and look fabulous.  Take a look at this dress.  It’s perfect for a day look.  You could also add a blazer if you want to wear it to work.  For a casual look I paired the dress with tribal earrings, a choker necklace, and a printed clutch. To quickly transform this dress into an evening look for a hot date, I added a dramatic duster which provides a romantic look.  I swapped into more formal accessories.  The entire change only took seconds.  Don’t forget you can bring another pair of gorgeous heels which can also dramatically change your look. Photography by:  Sharon Bui What I Am Wearing: //Off The Shoulder Knit Dress// ShoeDazzle //Duster// Vintage //Strappy Sandals// (Ellery) Izabella Rue ShoeDazzle //Clutch// Boot & Trunk on Instagram   Love, The Ultimate...

Attention Shoppers!! The Blue Light Special is on!

Sirens are sounding and the blue light is flashing because this one-of-a-kind strappy back wide leg jumpsuit by ShoeDazzle is selling out! This is by far one of my favorite jumpsuits lately.  The material feels soft  and it’s comfortable.  I recently took it with me on vacation and it was so nice not have to spend time picking out a top and bottom to wear.  I also love the ocean blue color which reminds me of the sea. Photography by:  Em Grey Photography What I Am Wearing: //Jumpsuit// ShoeDazzle //Tassel Bucket Bag// Innune’ //Strappy Studded Sandals// (Kamryn) Sophie & Lee ShoeDazzle   Love, The Ultimate Fashionista  ...

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I remember at a very young age being mesmerized in my mother’s closet, and trying on her clothes which quickly became a hobby. As I grew older I not only enjoyed enhancing my look, but that of others, so the natural fit was to become a Fashion Stylist.

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