I Wear What I Want and Why

I Wear What I Want and Why

How many people can truly say they wear what they want?

I feel this way now, but there was a time in my life when that wasn’t always the case.  When I was younger, I not only lacked the confidence to express myself through my wardrobe, but also the knowledge of my style to be able to pull outfits together.  I thought being well dressed meant wearing the latest trends or name brands.

As time went on I learned two things which began to slowly change how I looked at my wardrobe.  The first is trends are great, but like the wind they come and go.  The second is name brands are wonderful, but they don’t always guarantee style.  True style is knowing who you are and being able to express yourself beyond limits.

At the age I am now, my perspective with regards to how I look at getting dressed every day has completely changed.  I truly believe dressing is a form of art and expressing oneself.  Every day is a chance to not only be creative, but to show the world who you are.

It’s not about acquiring new clothes, but more about learning what looks good on you and how to work with your wardrobe to portray your personal style.  Most people don’t maximize their wardrobe, meaning they are not only wasting money, but not being the most stylish version of themselves.  It’s no secret that clothes project a message about who we are, but I would also equally say they play a part in how we feel.  My philosophy is, if you always want to feel your best, than you must look your best.

On this particular day I wanted to wear a vintage hat, because it makes me feel happy



So now, I wear what I want! I don’t need a special occasion to dress up.  If I feel like wearing a fur coat to the grocery store, that is indeed what I do.  The bottom line is dress for yourself and not what you think is popular or other people may like.  If you’ve fallen into the trap of letting society dictate what you wear, I say rethink that philosophy, and be a blank canvas for your wardrobe every day.


Here are the outfit details.
Hat: Vintage
Shirt: Max Studio
Skirt: Henri Bendel
Polka Dot Pumps:  Shoedazzle


Have a stylish day!

The Ultimate Fashionista


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  1. Very well spoken and portayed

  2. girl! preach!! I am the same way. sometimes people say things like “are you too old to wear that?” and i wanna be like… NOPE. BYE FELICIA. hahaha! but seriously, you have amazing style and i want to be you when i grow up!

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