Animal Print Excites My Soul

Animal Print Excites My Soul

There’s just something about how animal print excite my soul!  I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  It could be because it’s considered to be rather exotic, and I almost take on the characteristic of the animal.  Whether it be a leopard or cheetah, it makes me feel fierce!

I remember watching the movie Tarzan the Ape Man on television when I was a child, and falling in love with Jane’s leopard-patterned clothing.  It wasn’t just her independent spirit that captured me.  It was also the excitement and adventure of the jungle that created my sensation for animal prints.  The movie dates back to the 1930s, so these prints have certainly been around a long time.  During the Bohemian movement in the late 1960s, animal print became even more popular for women in the United States, which is not surprising given the artistic lives of people during that era.

Animal print has remained timeless.  What I love the most about the print is its flexibility and the way it can be mixed with other prints so well as if it were neutral, and on the other hand can truly command attention and stand on its own.

Here’s my outfit of the day where this animal print is not competing for any attention.  The deets can be found below.


The outfit details:

Silk Blouse:  Parker

Black Leggings:  Juicy Couture

Animal-print Calf Hair Clutch:  Michael Kors (similar here)

Shoes:  Vince. (similar here)


Hope you all have a lovely day!

The Ultimate Fashionista



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