Styling and Profiling! Why not?

Styling and Profiling!  Why not?

There’s nothing wrong with having self-confidence if you look nice, feel like you have it together, and know it.

I don’t believe clothes make the person.  I believe clothes should enhance the person…. but have you ever wondered what other people see when they look at you, or wondered how your profile looks to them from all angles?  How would you know if you don’t have a full-length view of your entire ensemble?  This is simple, but not always obvious.

As a personal stylist, I frequently work with clients who have no full length mirror.  While an outfit may look appealing in the front, it may not always be the case in the back, and vise versa.

It’s best to be able to judge an outfit in its entirety, instead of hoping the top half works with the bottom half.


A full length mirror is an easy fix that could eliminate wardrobe malfunctions not easily seen, plus provide a way to see your full silhouette.  I consider it a must have for everyone.

Sweater: Arden B
Jacquard Trousers: Laundry by Shelli Segal
Shoes: Virgem Madre

Have a great weekend!

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