The Debut: Never Forget Where You Came From

The Debut:  Never Forget Where You Came From

A year ago my deepest love for Africa and passion for giving back inspired me to start my own handmade African jewelry line.  My goal is to help educate and share with the world the beautiful African Krobo Trade Beads or sometimes referred to as African Slave Beads from Ghana, West Africa.

Krobo, powder glass trade beads are the most popular type of recycled African Beads made using the recycled glass procedure.  They have been popular since the 18th Century when used as a currency for trade.  The Krobo people of Ghana are attributed with the earliest production of powder glass beads, widely recognized as the eco-friendly alternative to blown-glass creations.  Glass remnants are sourced from general waste such as broken bottles and jars.  These are ground down to what is known as “fritt”, which is a fine powder-like consistency, and then added to porcelain molds lined with a clay.  The molds are placed in a kiln, and prior to cooling the glass is shaped into the beads.  Each and every one of the beads I use in my jewelry designs are carefully selected, and hand-made by me in North Carolina.  This is custom made-to-order, one of a kind jewelry.

One of the business goals with regards to my jewelry making is a 10% of each sold item give back to three families located directly in Ghana.  This will help provide financial assistance needed to take care of their families, which is personal for me.  I strongly believe in sowing back into the region where these gorgeous beads are created.  As my business grows, I plan to increase the amount of give back.

Help me spread the world about these beautiful beads, and help families in Africa at the same time.   If you are interesting in having a piece made with Love, contact me via the “About/Me” area of this website.

// Dress (Haute Hippie) //
// Shoes (Jordanna by ShoeDazzle) //
// Handbag (Cole Haan G Series) //

Photography by:  Em Grey Photography


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  1. The ethnicity of your outfit is superb and your necklace captures a very distinct appeal of the African culture.

    The pureness of your passion for a greater cause beyond yourself, will bring forth an abundance of blessings, to help with the needs of the families you wish to sow in and many years of prosperous living shall you reap for your generous deed.

  2. Wow!! Love the necklace and the history!! Great outfit, crushing on your sandals!

  3. This is a brilliant way of giving back and at the same time exposure of “Never Forget Where You Came From ” Jewelry By The Lovely Creator Angela Jones is phenomenal and a trend setter in the fashion industry.

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